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AKP Group

A Team Dedicated To Growth

The Beginnings of AKP Group

AKP Group was first established in 1978 and focuses its activities on Foundry, CNC machining, and trading in raw material. AKP Group became certified in ISO 90001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and IATF 16949, which is what enabled us to not only excel at our main focuses but also to become engaged in other activities that pertained to the foundry industry. After a few short years, AKP Group had not only become a booming business but was one of the leaders in ductile and gray iron castings. This was what led to the beginnings of AKP Ferrocast.

The AKP Family

After the AKP Group was formed, several sister companies were formed including AKP Foundries Private Limited, Belgaum CNC Private Limited, Integral Alpha Private Limited, Vishal Traders, Belgaum Sands, and our very own AKP Ferrocast Private Limited.

The Conception of AKP Ferrocast

AKP Ferrocast was formed in 2008 to respond to the increasing customer demand for fully machined castings produced in higher weight ranges. Because of this huge requirement on speed and diverse requirements on the ductile and gray iron casting process, AKP Ferrocast was able to become the one-stop-shop for meeting all of the customer’s demands.

The AKP Advantage

All AKP facilities have in-house CNC machining stations which include both horizontal and vertical machining centers (HMC and VMC) as well as turning centers. AKP uses its proprietary brand of modern in-house ​machining which are specifically suited to our specific process and your specifications. Having our own in-house conventional machine shop means that AKP Ferrocast is capable of providing ductile and gray iron castings to customers in finished conditions all around the world.

AKP was established in 1978. The main activities are Foundry, CNC machining, trading in foundry raw material and other ancillaries relating to the foundry industry.

AKP is associated with the following companies

AKP Foundries Private Limited
AKP Ferrocast Private Limited
Belgaum CNC Private Limited
Integral Alpha Private Limited
Vishal Traders
Belgaum Sands

AKP Foundries Private Limited, Belgaum was established in the year 1978. Presently producing Ductile and Gray Iron castings about 5000 Tons per year.

AKP Ferrocast Private Limited  came into establishment in the year 2008 to cater to the high demand in requirements of our customers for castings in higher weight range and in fully machined condition. We work as a single stop solution for our customers for all their requirements.

AKP has an In-house CNC machining facilities consisting of HMC, VMC and  turning centers.

A major percentage of castings manufactured at AKP Foundries & AKP Ferrocast are machined as per customers’ requirements. We rely on our In-House modern machining facilities, Belgaum CNC & Integral Alpha which are suited to the requirements.

Vishal Traders is an exclusive agency to sell pig iron in a very large region covering Karnataka, Southern Maharashtra & Goa. This important agency is running successfully for the past 4 years. The pig iron is procured from Kudremukh Iron & Steel Company Limited (KISCO). It is a joint venture promoted by Kudremukh Iron Ore Company Limited along with Mecon and MSTC

Contact Person: A.S Mane
Telefax: +91 0831 244 3103

Belgaum Sands manufactures different types of resin-coated sands. We supply the sand to most of the foundry industries in and around Belgaum.